Stanley Cup Playoffs “Ball Hockey”

So far there have been plenty of great games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We’ve seen two-goal deficits overcome, triple overtime, more over time, the LA Kings go down by five goals midway thru the second period to make a game of it, the Boston Bruins get shut out, Pavel Datsyuk drop jaws, and we’ve seen a lot of crotch shots. A lot of crotch shots.

GIF CREDIT: The PensBlog

Blue Jacket’s forward Brandon Dubinsky got things rolling with this shot off a face-off against Sidney Crosby.

Anaheim’s Corey Perry didn’t care too much for the manhood of Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn.

Milan Lucic got into the act last night with this nice little pickle-stabber.

Even Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Joel Quenneville got his rocks off.

This gives a whole new meaning to “Because it’s the Cup.”