Stick Taps: Honor the Code

Tomas Vokoun recently gave an interview to a Czech website. Our friends over at PensBurgh came through with the translation. Vokoun talks about the possibility of retiring and what he’s doing in the meanwhile – which doesn’t include actually watching hockey games.

Shawn Thornton is appealing his 15-game suspension for attacking Brooks Orpik. For what it’s worth, he’s still really, really sorry though.

Fantasy hockey guru, @DobberHockey has six tips for those looking to improve their fantasy team. 

Down Goes Brown got ahold of the super secret, never before seen transcripts *wink wink*  of Brian Burke interviewing candidates for the Calgary Flames’s General Manager position… aaaaaand it’s hilarious.

Milan Lucic did more fighting after the game than the Boston Bruins did during the teams 6-2 loss to the Vancouver Canucks earlier that Saturday evening. Lucic claimed he was part of an “unprovoked attack”! (Where was Shawn Thornton during all of this?!?!) The entire altercation took place outside of a bar in Vancouver and was caught and uploaded to YouTube.  It bothered Lucic to the point where he said that he wouldn’t defend his home town anymore.

Second City Hockey has a fun read for all you hockey hipsters out there who are into fancy stats. We’re looking right at you, @CaseyR82!

The St. Louis Blues did a very tone-def version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Warning! It’s not only unpleasing to the ears, but it’s also chalked full of Christmasy-Clad Canadians caroling carefully.  Try saying that five times fast!

Have you ever wondered what a professional hockey player would look like in a onesie? Who hasn’t, right? Well, Washington Capitals prospect Riley Barber will blow your mind with his overwhelmingly green all-in-one. Barber showed off his gentler side with his new Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street onesie. Barber will be representing the United States of America at the World Junior Championships. We hope he wears this on the podium if he gets the chance.

Detroit Red Wings goaltender Petr Mrazek has some incredible goalie pads for the Winter Classic. How could you not get into the Christmas spirit when you see pads like that?!?

Our friends up north came up with a creative new twist for Beer Pong. Someone needs to put one of these in the Blue Line Grille ASAP!