Crosby Reportedly to Meet With Doctors This Week

Could Crosby's be able to take part in full-contact practices soon? Photo courtesy of

Early this afternoon, Josh Rimer (NHL Home Ice Producer on SiriusXM Radio) tweeted that Sidney Crosby is reportedly planning to meet with his doctors within the next day or so in hopes of being cleared for contact.

While this report should be taken with a grain of salt until it’s officially confirmed by the team and/or Crosby himself, it’s exciting news that we’ve been waiting to hear for months and could potentially be the next big step in Crosby’s recovery. And Crosby was quoted as having said that he was hoping to visit the doctor after the road trip through Western Canada. (Stick taps to @Allie874 for sending that in.) He’d be able to fully participate in practice- no more white helmet!- and scrimmage against his teammates and such. But keep in mind that even if Crosby is cleared for contact in the next few days (and that’s a big if), it is still unlikely that we’d see him in a game during the month of October. The Penguins have been very cautious with his recovery up to this point and they’ll likely want to give him at least a few weeks to test out how handles contact for the first time in over half a year- and doesn’t suffer any more setbacks as a result- in practice before he returns to the ice in a game situation.

If Crosby does meet with his doctors in the next day or so, hopefully the news is good and he’s able to take part in full-contact practices. If the report is true, it’s a good sign that Crosby is apparently feeling well enough to want to take the next step in his recovery. And it’s hard not to get at least little bit excited about that prospect. Be sure to keep those fingers crossed, Pens fans.