Pierre McGuire Meets with Penguins Bloggers at XFINITY Event

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

On May 31st, Penguins historian Bob Grove, who currently works as the Vice President of Public Relations for Comcast’s Keystone region, invited several Pittsburgh Penguins bloggers to the XFINITY store in the North Hills to talk hockey with NBC’s Pierre McGuire as well as introduce the X1 Sports App.

It was a very unique opportunity for the bloggers since McGuire travels frequently and keeps busy. Grove started the event by demonstrating what the X1 Sports App does. If you’re a big sports fan, this app for your television is perfect for you. To start, you simply say “Sports App” and the voice controlled remote will take you right to the app. One of the coolest things about the app is that you can pull up live stats while you are watching a game. For example, instead of looking at your phone or computer for stats, you can just watch the split screen on the television. You won’t miss a minute of the action that way. Biographical information about each player is another cool feature you can pull up on the app while watching the game. For more information about the app, check out XFINITY’s store and website.

Following Grove’s excellent presentation, McGuire came out and answered over 15 questions from bloggers about the Stanley Cup Final, his time with Pittsburgh and many other topics. It was very cool to see how passionate and knowledgeable he is about the game of hockey in person. You can tell how much he loves the game just by meeting with him for about an hour. He told several stories from his time as an assistant coach with the Penguins in the 1990’s. McGuire also confirmed that he was a candidate for the general manager position with Pittsburgh after Ray Shero was fired. While he did not get the job, he was very grateful for the opportunity to be considered. His view of analytics was interesting too. McGuire said that there are so many variables in hockey that you can’t put into numbers. Therefore, sometimes it’s not right to say a player isn’t good because of his puck possession numbers. He seemed to think of shot blockers as the best example of this. Many championship teams have good puck possession players, but he said that they all had physical players who block shots and kill penalties too, which is critical for a team to win the Stanley Cup. McGuire was very professional and actually stayed a bit longer than scheduled to answer every question from the audience.

We just want to thank Grove and McGuire for inviting us to this awesome event. This was a first class event with plenty to offer for hockey fans.