Pittsburgh Penguins Fire Ray Shero

Published on May 16th, 2014

Photo Credit: The PensNation

The Pittsburgh Penguins announced they have relieved General Manager Ray Shero of his duties. Assistant GM Jason Botterill will serve as the Penguins interim GM and the search for a new GM is underway.

Shero served as Pittsburgh’s General Manager for eight seasons and was named the 2013 NHL General Manager of the Year. He hitched his wagon and his fate to Bylsma last season, signing the head coach to an extension after losing in embarrassing fashion to the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference Finals.


What Ray Shero has done over the last five years was become a master magician! There was an illusion of greatness! He reminds me of people that I knew in Las Vegas. They tout winning a large sum of money without telling you that they spent twice the amount to win it! Sure, he made headlines with the trade deadline deals that at the time looked like the most awesome deals in the history of the N.H.L. but, At what cost? The Penguins are now in a position that will take a lot of maneuvering and

a vast amount of time to recover from! They have no forwards in their entire system that can be considered stars in this league! Mostly under sized 3rd and 4th line players who have no immediate value to this franchise! There are several extremely talented defense men in the pipeline but, most are offensive defense men No draft picks left to even try to rebuild for the future! This is the legacy that Shero has left! For all of the fans out there scratching their heads over his firing, you were deceived!

The great illusionist fooled you all!