The Best PensMemes of Recent Memory

You might have seen the memes. Actually, you DID see the memes. Here’s a compilation as we wait for our beloved team to visit the White House and visit the Capitals on Wednesday Night Rivalry.

Justin Schultz. Where do I begin. He’s travelled the world, that bad man.

Here he is on Abbey road.

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Hakuna [Maata]ta. What a wonderful phrase. It means more Stanleys for the rest of your days.

How bout the moon landing? Was that a hoax? I don’t think so, ’cause our man Justin was there.

You may have had enough of Schultzy and his beer-chugging. Here are some other memes to keep you entertained.


Here’s Kuznestov flying out of the second round, courtesy to Pens of Anarchy.

Here’s our GOAT owner.

Here’s Phil Kessel for president. Even though this isn’t a “meme,” who can say no to Phil the Thrill? Phil Kessel is a back to back Stanley Cup Champion.

Feel free to share your favorite Pittsburgh Penguins memes in the comments!