Key Observations Heading Into Game 5 Between the Penguins and Rangers


By: Nick Richter (@PensNation_Nick)

The Pittsburgh Penguins have their back against the wall. Lose and the season’s over… Win and live to fight another day. Pittsburgh has overcome a 3-1 series deficit twice in team history to a team in red, white, and blue… Albeit it was the early 90’s and it wasn’t the Rangers, but the Washington Capitals. Sure, past history has no implication on current game play, but let’s just loosen up and have a little fun.

Tonight the Penguins will once again be without the services of Christian Ehrhoff and Derrick Pouliot. Having a chance to get one of those two players (probably Pouliot) back would be a huge boost to the team, but they gotta win first.

The Pens have been playing with confidence the entire series despite their injury situation. We’ll see just how much that confidence took a hit after the Game Four OT loss. During previous seasons, you could see a collapse coming from the Parkway… These playoffs have shown just how mentally tougher the Penguins have become. They’ve been in every game, haven’t let the refs calls (and non-calls) affect the way they play the game. That’s big. They’ll need to keep that mental toughness if they plan on winning three games in a row… something they haven’t done since February 21-March 1.

The Penguins will keep their lineup the same tonight… Rangers will be rocking the same lineup from their previous game as well. Wes McCauley will be the head referee tonight. Here is a snapshot of the last two Penguins games he has called.


Hope the Penalty Kill is ready tonight. Perfect time for a Sutter shorty.

Possibly the last game of the season... can't hold anything back now...

Possibly the last game of the season… can’t hold anything back now…