HotTake Tuesday: Does Sidney Crosby Deserve MVP Consideration?


In this week’s edition of HotTake Tuesday, Nick and James discuss if Kris Letang should call it a career, whether or not Sidney Crosby deserves MVP consideration for his season, and more… Sit back and enjoy the takes on this beautiful Tuesday morning…

Should Kris Letang Call It A Career?

Richter: I would. Do I think he will? No. This last hit definitely conjured up images of Eric Lindros’s career for me. A world class talent, hindered by concussion after concussion. We all know how that story played out. Scary stuff. Walk away while you still can. If Letang recovers from this most recent concussion, he still has a ton of hockey left in him. Probably a good ten years, assuming he gets lucky and finds a way to avoid further major injuries. We all know how tough hockey players are, but is the risk worth the potential problems he might be facing down the road? That’s a conclusion for Kris and his doctors to decide. Early retirements are all the rage in the NFL and you can’t blame those guys for cashing in and leaving the game while they still have their health. I can’t find a reason other than the “love of the game” argument for Letang to continue playing. I love hockey. But if I were in Letang’s shoes, I’d call it a career. He’s earned a big payday and he’s won a Stanley Cup. What more could you ask for? I would think at some point he probably should start thinking of spending time with his family after all he’s been through in his career. If this concussion isn’t the end, who’s to say that the next one isn’t? He’s been lucky enough so far.

Conley: Sounds a whole lot like calls for Crosby to call it quits in 2011. Those people were Smart and Right, no?


Can the Penguins Overcome the Odds?

Richter: Anything’s possible, but it’ll take a Herculean effort for the Pens to get to even the second round. If Letang is out of the season, they’re done. I can’t see missing two of your top-four defensemen and going far in the playoffs. They could likely be without three of their top-four defensemen with Christian Ehrhoff injured. No idea how you can overcome those odds.

Conley: Noop. Not this year. Too many injuries to a core that wasn’t markedly better than any East contender to begin with, even if firing on all cylinders. Distinct possibility of hitting the playoffs without Dupuis, Maatta, Ehrhoff and Letang. Three of your top-four defensemen on the shelf. Later.


Is Winning A Scoring Title Enough For Sidney Crosby To Deserve MVP Consideration?

 Richter: To deserve consideration? Yes. To win it? No. A “down” year really takes a lot of the focus off of Crosby. It’s not entirely his fault. He’s in scoring race and has a great chance to win it, but the fact that nobody has pulled away from the pack means there will be more people in the discussion. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Carey Price, Alex Ovechkin, or Zach Sill win.

Conley: Not this year. Not when scoring has been so utterly marginalized by a league that is too scared to shake up the old boys network and can’t figure out how to get ahead of a problem with real and meaningful change that it continues to allow talentless obstruction to occur as a backdoor way of managing injurious situations (read: blowing up the ammo dump on a set of potentially multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuits filed by former players that probably accurately allege the league knowingly did nothing about chronic head trauma by trying to prevent further head injuries from occurring by slowing the game to School Zone speeds). And oh, by the way, said injurious situations that are being taken out of the game by no-skill hacks are the only ones that might otherwise lead to goals — you know, the high-speed, high-skill types. Not, mind you, the injurious situations that take the form of bare-knuckle fights and softly-punished headshots that need 60 frames per second to parse out the fact that a player with more career misconduct penalties than shot attempts really honestly wasn’t trying to injure anybody, sir. No, not those situations. That’s just hockey, eh.

Am I rambling? Good. Might as well split the Hart between the league leaders in blocked shots and defensive zone start faceoff win percentage. Go to hell.



Richter: “You scored a goal… That’s a good boy!”

Conley: To be fair, the trainer just picked that up off the ice in Ottawa, so.



Richter: This is the best cut he’s had since he visited Philip Pelusi in 1981

Conley: For real though, Iggy Pop and the Stooges cover band? No one?

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