NHL & Hockey News, 4/26/13

2013 Playoffs: The 2013 NHL Playoffs are only 4 days away. The Eastern Conference bracket is set while Detroit, Minnesota, and Columbus continue to battle it out for the final two spots in the West. The 2013 playoffs already look very different than the 2012 playoffs, with four new teams (or six if Minnesota and Columbus make it) and the absence of Philly, New Jersey, Florida, Phoenix, and Nashville (and potentially Detroit).

Blainville-Boisbriand Armada vs. Baie-Comeau Drakkar: You know when you are driving by a car accident and everyone can’t help but look? Well, before you watch the epic-ly disastrous clip of a QMJHL’s bench clearing brawl at the conclusion of an April 24th game, let me hit you with some stats: officials dished out 12 game misconducts, sixteen fighting major penalties, four goalies fought, there was actually a penalty for “abuse of officials”, both head coaches got suspended, and both franchises were fined $5000. Without further ado, here is the fight:

Welcome to the Staal Show: Not to beat a dead horse, but I love the Staal brothers. Yes, Jordan and Eric are in the running for the cover of NHL ’14. Yes, despite being the worst at hockey, Jared made his NHL debut with his two big bros this week. And yes, Marc is the unlucky brother who has a broken face and is about 500 miles from his family in NC. You probably know most of these things about the Staals. But did you know Jordan, Eric, and Jared were the starting line in the Canes game yesterday? Did you know that Eric’s son made the cutest sign ever?








I don’t like the score, can I get a redo?: Why, yes, yes you can. Yesterday the Ontario Hockey Association ruled that the Picton Pirates and the Essex 73’s will replay the last 19 minutes and 47 seconds of the 3rd period in a game they had last Saturday. A Picton player was mistakenly not removed from the game after committing his third stick infraction, the result of oversight from nearly everyone involved in the game. Seeing this as an opportunity, Essex brought the matter to the OHA, and won- resulting in the replaying of the third period. How weird is that?