Pittsburgh Penguins are NHL’s Miami Heat and more Hockey News

Competition Committee: The NHL’s Competition Committee has decided to meet on June 4th to discuss various rules in the league, including the possibility of creating a ‘carry-over’ penalty for the playoffs. If you are thinking, “What the heck is this girl talking about?” Let me try to explain… What this means is: if a player gets called for a minor penalty late in a game, the remaining time on the penalty at the conclusion of the game could be carried over to the next playoff game (assuming that it is still the same series). From what I have read, it is only minor penalties rather than major penalties. The general fan consensus to the rule seems to be anger. Why change rules when the league is doing better than ever? Why only minor penalties? To be honest, I think this might cut down the needless post-game scuffle. Not a bad idea in my book, but I could be easily swayed.

9×9=Hossa: Need a way to spice up a boring math class? Just answer all the questions with your favorite hockey players’ numbers, and receive full credit. At least that is what Maggie from Chicago did… Let’s be honest, I would absolutely give full credit for an answer like this if I was a teacher. I might even give bonus points for retired superstars’ numbers. Then again, that might be why I write about hockey and why I’m not a teacher. 10 points to Gryffindor for including Bobby Orr on their math tests!

MacKinnon vs. Jones: Nathan MacKinnon is on fire. He played so well in this weekend’s Memorial Cup final that scouts are second-guessing their NHL prospect rankings. MacKinnon lead his team, the Halifax Mooseheads, to victory (their first Memorial Cup ever) as they defeated Seth Jones’ Portland Winterhawks. In the final game, MacKinnon scored a hat trick and was subsequently named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. The real question is, will he be the Most Valuable Prospect? Also of note, Seth Jones and Nate MacKinnon’s rivalry isn’t quite what you would expect. They are close friends and are roommates every year at summer hockey camp. Aww, how cute.

(Photo credit: NHL.com)

Pens the Miami Heat of the NHL?: According to Bruins LW Milan Lucic, the Pens are the Miami Heat of the NHL. Now take a second to read what he said, before jumping down his throat. He doesn’t mean that Pittsburgh is the most hated team, instead he is saying the Pens have the best players. In the words of Lucic: “In my mind, they’re almost like the Miami Heat of the NHL with all the star power that they’ve got. Probably the two best players in the world, a 40-goal scorer, a former 50-goal scorer, future Hall of Famer, and a Norris Trophy candidate are on their team. They definitely have a lot of weapons.” Someone sounds worried, and rightfully so. The Pens are the House Lannister of ice hockey. Boom, I just incorporated Game of Thrones into the NHL again.

Western Conference Games: Tomorrow the LA Kings take on the San Jose Sharks in Game 7. For the Sharks to make it to the Western Conference Finals, they will need to win on the road, something they haven’t done this entire series. Further east, the Red Wings and Blackhawks are preparing for tonight’s Game 6 match up. If Detroit can pull off a win, every other team in the playoffs should breathe in a big sigh of relief, because they just dodged a bullet.

Only in Nova Scotia: Well, it seems that Goal Cole Harbour is at it again. First, they produced Sidney Crosby, and now the community’s high school curriculum is based around hockey. When asked “Could this be done anywhere else in the world?” the response was, “Yeah, only in Canada”.


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