NHL News, 4/21/13

Toronto Maple Leafs: Toronto fans can sigh a breath of relief,  because their beloved Maple Leafs have finally made the playoffs. RIP to all the “Leafs will never make the playoffs” memes. The last time the Leafs made the playoffs was 2004, the year Janet Jackson’s boob was shown on National TV. Yeah, it’s been a while.

Rangers vs. Sabres: On Friday the Rangers managed score 5 goals in just 2 minutes and 58 seconds of game time, a franchise record. Sabres Goalie, Ryan Miller was pulled out of the game mid-way through the goal-scoring nightmare. Miller received a brutal “boo” as he skated off the ice in his home arena, and he was furious. Miller waved to fans in mock-gratitude. In his post-game interview Miller stated, “Well, if they [the fans] can dish it out, they can take it back. I sat there and took it”. Somehow I seriously doubt that Miller is going to want to stay in Buffalo much longer (especially considering he is a UFA after next season). Media even compared his game to Patrick Roy’s last game in Montreal. Ouch. The Rangers ended up winning the game (obviously) which knocked both the Sabres and Flyers out of playoff contention.

Matt Cooke: Tomorrow’s Penguins vs. Senators game might be a rough one for Matt Cooke. Sens fans are planning a “Matt Cooke Hatefest” including wanted posters that read “Wanted For Robbing Karlsson Of His Second Norris Trophy. Matt ‘The Dirtest Player In The NHL’ Cooke. Punishment By Kassassination”. Alright, this is somewhat funny, but also unwarranted (in my humble opinion). I know I am a biased Pittsburgh girl, but how can you watch this clip of Karlsson’s injury and honestly say Cooke meant to cause that type of damage? Everyone is still anxiously waiting to hear the results from Eugene Melnyk’s forensic study.

Carey Price
: The Montreal Gazette used this photoshopped image of Carey Price this morning. Multiple world-class goalies have had a rough reception this week. Price was pulled out of two consecutive Canadiens games, the first time this has happened in his career. I can’t really think of anything worse for a goalie’s confidence going into the playoffs, but time will tell.

NHL Twitter: The NHL has started to keep track of a new hockey statistic, but only for Twitter superstar and self-deprecating hockey-nobody, Paul Bissonnette. For Biznasty, hugs will count as assists. Good for you Biz. I am sure Coyotes fans approve.

Alex Ovechkin: Despite a slow start to the season, Ovechkin has become quite the scoring machine. Ovi now has a league-leading 30 goals, 3 more than Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning. It looks like he’s on pace to win his third Rocket Richard trophy this season.

Sidney Crosby: Sidney Crosby still leads the NHL in points despite his multi-game injury-induced absence. Crosby currently has 56 points in 36 games. Every single other player in the top 30 in points has played 40 or more games. Take a look for yourself:

NHL Cover Vote Update:  The 2014 NHL Cover Vote starts tomorrow at covervote.nhl.com.