NHL News 4/29

Andi has the day off, so @PensNation_Ken staged a hostile takeover of today’s Five For Boarding. It’s a playoff edition….well, more of a non-playoff edition–and as the post-season begins, we say goodbye to the fourteen teams who didn’t make the cut. This usually happens without much fanfare, but when the Philadelphia Flyers are included in that group then you know we’re going to be paying attention. And Ilya Bryzgalov had a few things to get off his chest.

One thing about Bryzgalov is his incredible ability to be disappointed in people. He’s mastered the body language of a junior high principal with three kids of his own. He makes Michel Therrien look like an amateur. He admonishes the media’s judgement of fairness and provides examples like “dis, dis, dis and dis” before challenging the scribes of the Philadelphia proper to move forward:

“What have you done for this city, if you ask yourself? What have you done it? Ask you that question.” With marching orders like that, we can only assume that Tim Panaccico will fashion some orange and black tights and take to the streets as the caped crusader in the city of Brotherly Love to snuff out the summer crime waves to make up for his journalistic unprofessionalism.


When the final buzzer sounded, the Columbus Blue Jackets incredible run came to an end at the hands of a tiebreaker technicality. The Jackets’ 55 points tied them for the 8th spot with the Minnesota Wild, but Mike Yeo and the gang edged out Todd Richards’ unit in ROW, thus bringing an end to one of the greatest stories in this abbreviated NHL season…

Not so much the surprising success of the CBJ, but the Twitter love affair between Columbus and the LA Kings. With the Jackets moving to the Eastern Conference next season, we’ve probably seen the last of the #Lumbus. Sure, they can always try the long distance thing–but ask Toronto if the Detroit Red Wings ever called them after the Leafs joined the Eastern Conference in 1998.

NHL Draft Lottery

Speaking of Columbus, their failure to qualify does allow them to participate in the NHL Draft Lottery once again. Unlike previous years, where only bottom five teams had a shot at number one, all fourteen teams will have a ball in play. Here are the odds for each team.

Florida Panthers 25.0%
Colorado Avalanche 18.8%
Tampa Bay Lightning 14.2%
Nashville Predators 10.7%
Carolina Hurricanes 8.1%
Calgary Flames 6.2%
Edmonton Oilers 4.7%
Buffalo Sabres 3.6%
New Jersey Devils 2.7%
Dallas Stars 2.1%
Philadelphia Flyers 1.5%
Phoenix Coyotes 1.1%
Winnipeg Jets 0.8%
Columbus Blue Jackets 0.5%

The Florida Panthers were miserable this season, and it’s made even worse by these percentages. At 25%, they’re still the favorite, but that is a dramatic difference from the 48.2% that the last place team had under the previous format. Did these changes make any difference in how the cellar dwellers approached the final weeks of the season?

Eddie Johnston was not available for comment.

The lottery will take place at 8:00 PM tonight and you can catch it live on the NBC Sports Network. ESPN will have the Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves and ESPN2 will be talking about last weekend’s NFL draft. Despite what Allan Walsh may say, I still have no problem with this TV arrangement.


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