Stamkos Acts, Canadians Don’t Swear, and Ovi is the Ochocinco of the NHL


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Stamkos Featured In Commercial: “Ambition is like a cornered raccoon, there’s no telling what it will do”. Any commercial that starts with that line and features Steven Stamkos, Jordan Eberle, and Bob McKenzie has got to be a major hit. And Coke Zero pulled it all together for their recent Moment Zero commercial. Watch it here. The best part? Definitely Jordan Eberle showing up in the face-off circle and chirping “Shawn”. And then the tweet that Eberle posted after the commercial launch…


Bonus points to Ebs for being awesome on Twitter. When Stamkos was asked if he enjoyed acting, he said, “Not really. I think I think I’ll stick to hockey.” Yeah, good plan Stammer, because it looks like your hockey is a lot better than your acting.

Winter Classic 2014: Toronto and Detroit fans can rejoice because the NHL and HBO are collaborating for the third season of 24/7 for this year’s Winter Classic. The episodes will air on four consecutive Saturday nights beginning on December 14. Viewers in Canada can watch on Sportsnet (rather than only HBO Canada), which is great, except for one thing… Sportsnet takes out all the swearing. Good thing Bruce Boudreau won’t be in these episodes or no one would understand the plot.

This Guy Really Loves Teemu: One Teemu Selanne super fan just had his dream come true. Not only did he meet Teemu after a Ducks morning skate, but he also got his autograph. The cool part? The autograph was underneath his Teemu tat. It won’t be long until the current tattoo has a cool, new, and permanent addition. That’s one way to make the excitement last…


Ovechkin Is A Pretty Unique Dude: Caps fans love him, other fans love to hate him, but there is no question that Alex Ovechkin is a pretty unique player. As of now, Ovi is leading the league in goals and is playing some of his best hockey ever. According to Mark Spector’s recent article, Ovechkin is the closest thing to a “Terrell Owens” or “Chad Ochocinco” of the NHL. And he actually means it as a compliment! Spector gives Ovechkin credit for giving “the game the personality it so dearly needs”. To say I disagree is an understatement. The NHL doesn’t have any personality? Why are we valuing arrogance? Isn’t humility and respect for the game part of what makes hockey so great? Rant over.

ESPN Does Hockey Right, For Once: If you haven’t seen the 30 for 30 on John Spano and the New York Islanders, you are seriously missing out. Check out the trailer and website. Spano’s story about his four-month ownership of the franchise (despite having no significant money) is shocking. And Kevin Connolly of Entourage tells the story. Pretty cool stuff.

Habs Fan Follows in Miley’s Footsteps: Want to get coverage on Just stick your tongue through the boards at a hockey game. This Habs fan took a note from Miley Cyrus’ playbook. Cute, but also disgusting. tumblr_mvb0ilQmBX1szpy6jo1_500

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