Kris Letang Rejects 8-Year, $56 Million Offer from Pittsburgh Penguins


The Kris Letang situation is starting to look very similar to the Jordan Staal situation a year ago. As you probably know, Staal rejected a 10-year, $60 millio offer from the Penguins and was traded the next day at the 2012 NHL Draft in Pittsburgh. It was announced this evening that Letang rejected an 8-year, $56 million contract offer from Pittsburgh. Kent Hughes, Letang’s agent then countered with another proposal that would have paid Letang around $7.5 million per season. That counter-offer was rejected by Penguins general manager Ray Shero because of the annual cap hit value. Shero is not a general manager who likes to get in bidding wars. Will this end like it ended for Staal with a trade? That is certainly a possibility. Hughes noted that they are not ready to quit negotiating just yet, but it is clear that these negotiations are much different than the ones with Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby.