Sochi, Line Brawls, and a Funeral

By @JustPuckIt


Credit: GarageLeague.Tumblr.Com

In Penguins news today, Sidney Crosby was named the captain of team Canada. Are you surprised? If so then what rock have you been living under? In all seriousness it is a great honor for Crosby to take on this role, after all he is the face of Canada hockey eh? Congrats Sid, but but know this — once you cross that ocean I’m going to proudly yell USA! USA! USA!

Speaking of ‘Merica – here is a special treat for all those who are rooting for Team USA. I present to you the entire USA Roster all squished onto a 100% American made wallpaper.  Just click the thumbnail above to load the full version. Now that I am feeling super patriotic, excuse me while I go blast Born in The USA from my speakers.

GIF- Angry Torts

During Saturday’s “Hockey night in Canada” game the Canucks were slated to take on the Flames, but instead it turned to an insane line brawl. As if 7 ejections and 142 penalty minutes in the opening two seconds of the game were not enough – there was quite a scrum between Torts and the Flames in the hallway between the first and second period. In a fit of rage who knows went through Tortorella’s head as he attempted to take on the entire Calgary bench & staff  – but it sure did raise a lot of eyebrows. The Canucks came out with a win in the shootout, but he may not end up so lucky. After this major debacle Tortorella will face an in-person hearing with the league Monday in New York. The question is will he walk away with a fine, suspension, or both? Whatever the outcome, I highly doubt we’ve seen the last of ‘Angry Torts Face’.
GIF- Angry Torts 2
Speaking of debacles, it’s time to finally put to rest Suttergate. According to Seth Rorabaugh’s post on monday, it seems that Brandon Sutter took the entire incident in stride. “At first, I didn’t know what to think but I think down the road, I’ll probably find it kind of funny.” Sutter took the high road and called it a “freak accident,” – and according to an inside source of mine he was more concerned about someone loosing their job than his blurry man-bits being seen from a distance. I guess you could say he’s got passion in his pants & he ain’t afraid to show it (show it, show it, show it). OK, on that note I would like to say #RIPsuttergate – may your controversy live on only on


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