Coming Soon: Fanart Friday!

Have you ever made a hockey photoshop, doodled a Crosby, or taken a fantastic photo at a game? Well if so this is your chance to be a part of! Beginning Friday, November 7th we would like to show the world your creations on #FanArtFriday


Send us your artwork; submit photographs, doodles, silly photoshops, digital art, sculptures – heck you could even get your kids in on the act and submit their work! We will showcase all artistic levels from kindergarden to full fledged Picasso’s – so don’t hesitate to send us your work.

Every two weeks we will take the submissions and post a few to the website, showcasing the many talents of our fan base. Come on and show us your creative side!


  1. Submit only your own work, not someone else’s (Note: you can post something your kids made, just mention that in the comments!)
  2. Let us know how you want to be credited (Your e-mail, twitter handle, tumblr/DA url). Feel free to tag the image if you want.
  3. Submissions are preferable via (  so that they can be uploaded in HQ – but you can also tweet them to @JustPuckIt
  4. Please keep the submissions tasteful as we are encouraging all ages to participate (Ex: no nudity/profanity)

Email me at or tweet me @JustPuckIt