Fan Art Friday #01



What is #FanArtFriday? It’s the day that we post your artwork, your photos, and photoshops. We accept any medium, from any artistic level anywhere in the world! To kick off the first edition we have two drawings and a mini-comic! For more information on submitting your own work please read the information at the bottom!



Pencil Sketch by @Codcat1
(Click to see Full Size)

Pencil Sketch by @Codcat1

Pencil Sketch by @Codcat1
(Click to See Full Size)


Twitter in a nutshell after the Fleury contract

Twitter in a nutshell after the Fleury contract
By @JustPuckIt


Overview: Send us your artwork; submit photographs, doodles, silly photoshops, digital art, sculptures – heck you could even get your kids in on the act and submit their work! We will showcase all artistic levels from kindergarden to full fledged Picasso’s – so don’t hesitate to send us your work. Every two weeks we will take the submissions and post a few to the website, showcasing the many talents of our fan base. Come on and show us your creative side!


  1. Submit only your own work, not someone else’s (Note: you can post something your kids made, just mention that in the comments!)
  2. Let us know how you want to be credited (Your e-mail, twitter handle, tumblr/DA url). Feel free to tag the image if you want.
  3. Submissions are preferable via (  so that they can be uploaded in HQ – but you can also tweet them to @JustPuckIt
  4. Please keep the submissions tasteful as we are encouraging all ages to participate (Ex: no nudity/profanity)

Email me at or tweet me @JustPuckIt