Key Observations heading into Game 75 between the Penguins and Coyotes

By: Gemma Fagan (@gcfagan86)

The Penguins have been struggling as of late; they have lost 6 out of their last 7 games and as the season is drawing to an end they are in need of a win badly.

The Pens are currently two points before the New York Islanders in the divisions standing but if they continue to falter they may find themselves in the first wild card position as the Washington Capitals are nipping at their feet with only one point separating the two metropolitan division teams.

So with that in mind the Pens head into Saturdays afternoon’s game against the Arizona Coyotes with some serious pressure on their shoulders, they will need to turn their fortunes around at Consol Energy Center as they have lost their last 3 games on home ice.

They may however be finally catching a break with their injury woes, with many indications suggesting that Evgeni “Am I Score” Malkin may be ready to return to the lineup after sustaining a lower-body injury against the Boston Bruins two weekends ago.

Although Geno coming back into the lineup isn’t going to solve all their problems, the Russian may bring back the fire power they so desperately are in need of but he isn’t going to help fix their defensive problems that seem to have plagued them in their 5-2 loss against the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Pens once mighty Power Play that saw them scoring on 41.3% of their opportunities is long gone, but let’s be honest we all knew they weren’t going to able to keep that pace up but you may be forgiven for thinking that it wouldn’t be an area of concern for the team during the season, however it is and they have only managed to convert on 3 of their last 36 chances over the past 12 games.

So with time running out and the post season looming the Pens are going to have to dig deep and figure out a way to swing winning momentum back in their favour, they need to find a way to bury every chance they get and plug up the leaking holes that are plaguing them defensively. They need to find their A game otherwise the march of the Penguins may come to a halt earlier then they would like in the post season.