NHL Cancels Games Through January 14th

Another day, another round of NHL game cancellations. For the past few months, hockey fans around the world have seen the NHL cancel games because of the lack of a collective bargaining agreement. However, this chunk of cancellations through January 14th may be the last as the clock is ticking. The next announcement will either be that the league and player’s association has reached an agreement or that the entire season has been cancelled. If there is a season, an entire new schedule will need to be created where each team only plays teams in their own conference. The minimum number of games is apparently 48, which means that a deal will need to be completed sometime soon in order for the puck to be dropped in 2013. The two sides have not met since last week and no meetings have been scheduled at this point. A total of 625 games (50.8%) have been postponed due to the lockout.