NHL News, 5/6/13

Calder candidates: The NHL has officially nominated this year’s Calder Memorial Trophy candidates. Nominees include Florida Panthers’ Center Jonathan Huberdeau, Chicago Blackhawks’ Left Wing Brandon Saad, and Montreal Canadiens’ Right Wing Brendan Gallagher. Overall, each player is very deserving. Shout out to Brandon Saad who is from Gibsonia, PA. The general consensus on the Twitterverse is Wild Defenseman Jonas Brodin was snubbed when he did not receive a nomination this morning. Take a look at some of those tweets:

Other NHL Awards nominees will be named soon. Norris nominees will be announced tomorrow, Vezina nominees on Wednesday, Ted Lindsay on Thursday, and Hart on Friday.

Habs vs. Sens: Yesterday’s Sens vs. Habs game was one to remember. Anyone recall last year’s Pens vs. Flyers playoff game with eight separate ten minute penalties? Yeah, well last night the Habs and Sens made the Pens and Flyers look like best friends. By the end of regulation, both benches were bare and 232 penalty minutes were dished out. Before you watch the fight, take a look at the penalty breakdown.

Fight video here:

And here is the Sens bench in the aftermath of the brawl:

Milbury & Roenick: Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick are both anti-Sidney Crosby. And therefore, I have deep feelings of anger and hatred for both of them. After the Islanders game, both implied that Sid (who has never taken a diving penalty in his career) embellished on the call that resulted in a game winning goal in overtime. I am sick of Roenick and Milbury’s bias, but I am going to take the high road. I’m not going to talk about how Milbury was arrested for assaulting a twelve year old. I’m not going to talk about how Milbury said Crosby was like a crack addict. I’m not going to talk about the time Jeremy Roenick cried because the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. No, I won’t do that.

NHL ’14 Covervote: The NHL Covervote bracket has been seeded and players are going head to head. Be sure to vote multiple times (especially because Geno is going head to head with Wayne Simmonds).

Rick or Steve?: ESPN may know basketball and football, but they definitely need some help with hockey. Yesterday ESPN confused LA Lakers’ player Steve Nash with New York Rangers’ Rick Nash. Yeah, oops.

This is hockey: Senators Center Jean-Gabriel Pageau scored his first playoff goal last night. As Pageau scored, his tooth was knocked out by the flying high stick of P.K. Subban. After celebrating with his teammates, this photo was taken. Don’t understand what’s happening here? Pageau is picking his tooth of the ice. Welcome to the playoffs, rookie!

This is too funny not to post. On May 3rd, the Canucks vs. Sharks game went into overtime. What happened for one TV viewer? He got stuck in quite the pickle. Pizza or playoffs. Horrifying dilemma, I know. This Canucks fan handled his dilemma expertly. Take a look at his receipt:

Stadium Series: Today the NHL confirmed another Stadium Series game. This one will take place at Dodgers Stadium. The game will be on January 25, 2014 and will feature the LA Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. It will be the Ducks’ first outdoor game ever. The first confirmed Stadium Series game was the Blackhawks vs. Penguins game at Soldier Field on March 1, 2014.

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