Sneak Peek: Stadium Series Jerseys

By:  Ken Will (@PensNation_Ken)

UPDATE: 12.12.13 – 2:34 PM

The Penguins have posted two more sneak-peeks:

BbQHbW1CcAA0ww7 — What is a Penguins jersey without plenty of triangles?


The first one is a total head-scratcher. What part of the jersey is represented here? Some have thought that it’s the peak of the collar, but the angle seems a little too narrow for that. However, there is a tiny bit of white at the top of the picture, which could be the outside border of an NHL patch at the neckline.  This would also completely breakaway from the inverted laces in the other Stadium Series jerseys so far–a fact that I would be completely ok with; not because I don’t like the laces, but because it would be going against the theory that these will be cookie cutter jerseys.

The second picture is very interesting. The gold piping throws a wrench into my theory that the jersey will be a gold base. But I’m not completely ruling it out just yet.

Those hoping for a return to the Pittsburgh gold from the 80’s/90’s will be sorely disappointed to see the use of Vegas gold, but as soon as the league made their “modern” branding for these games obvious–we knew that was a pipe dream.


Tickets went on sale today, and we finally know a little bit about what the Penguins will be wearing for their outdoor game vs. Chicago on March 1, 2014. In alignment with what has become the NHL tradition, the Penguins tweeted a cryptic look at the jersey along with the full reveal date.

As promised, they followed up with a tease:

Stadium Series - 1

Ok, so they didn’t exactly give us much. But lets do some critical thinking here.


“Chrome Logo”

A few teams have already released their jerseys. Based on those designs, we know a few things:

  • There will be a “modern” look vs the retro look of the Winter/Heritage Classic
  • The jerseys will feature the chrome logos that were released with the Stadium Series logo
  • The stadium series patch is located on the shoulder on every jersey that has been released so far.

With those three things in mind, and knowing that the NHL/Reebok have been pretty consistent with cleaning up jerseys with a template look for teams, we can make a few predictions for what we may see on Friday.

The color around the Stadium Series patch is black, so we can assume that this area will be black. But will it be a black jersey? Notice the gold on the edges of the picture. This is consistent with the designs used by the LA Kings and the New York Islanders releases.


New York Islanders (

So based on the very little bit that we’ve seen, I would guess that there’s a pretty good chance that we could be looking at a gold-based jersey with black shoulder yokes similar to what is pictured above. That’s right, a gold jersey. Something Pittsburgh hasn’t seen since, well…


This could all change with the next “sneak peek” though.