What’s up in Pittsburgh

And now we head to the real games. The games that matter.

The preseason was an interesting time of tryout hockey, per usual. However, it was evident, even in “meaningless” play, that certain players 2017 Penguins rookie sensation Jake Guentzel is primed to be even more successful than last year. And that’s with his eye-opening two-goal start in his first start in the NHL after his promotion from Wilkes-Barre due to the Penguins injury list rivaling the likes of the 2015 Steelers Divisional Playoff list – perhaps the Penguins one was even worse.

When playing against the Red Wings in game 2 of preseason, Guentzel once again lit up the scoreboard, this time racking up points. With his hockey IQ and apparent prowess at the side of the best in the the league, none other than Mr. Sidney Crosby himself, it is evident that he will find himself with key contributions and likely will easily surpass 60 points once the regular season is in full swing once again.

The Penguins then played through a series of not very memorable preseason games, like the Steelers do every football season. One game that was memorable was the Free Game for Kids. And that is why we should we proud of our organization for putting on these kind of events. It’s beyond hockey.

Moving on, the team got their names engraved on the last spot on the final ring on the current Stanley Cup. If that’s not something to be proud of, I don’t know what to tell you. The “back-to-back” ring ceremony was equally riveting – it does sound like I’m heaping praise on the Penguins, but it’s true. With all the injuries that happened over the course of last year, with the Pens dressing an AHL defense for most of the playoffs, it was impressive. And now, of course, some will argue that the Penguins should not visit the White House. They are simply honoring the office of the President, and that is indeed a high honor that has been a custom for championship team since President Reagan was in office.